Plumbing Prospects Now: Who We Are

So...what if you had a program that predictably produced your desired amount of the jobs you want every single month?

Plumbing Prospects Now is a Marketing Agency that partners with plumbers to grow their businesses.

After spending nearly a decade in sales and marketing working for multi-million dollar companies our founder Jim knows what truly drives conversions, fills calendars and what gets the phones ringing and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week.

Its how well you connect with your customers with your heart by trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them with our program.

Our founder was an ex plumber and used the same program to bring a business from $30,000 a month to over $166,000 monthly.

We have won multiple award for our achievements and success with the industry.

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Principles Of Our Work

Get Insight

Anything that can’t be tracked can’t be managed. First, we find out where you are now and your numbers.

Set Target

We set a clear attainable target together and reverse engineer how to get there.


We discuss how possible that goal is for you over the time you set for your self.

Predictable Growth

Get traction and start getting high ticket jobs with our repeatable system.


Understand what got the success and repeat it with making small tweaks to get better conversions.


This is the last phase.

Plumbing Prospects Now

How To Get Your Schedule Jam-Packed with Qualified HomeOwners in 6 Weeks or less.