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Plumbing Prospects Now is a program that is taking the service industry by storm by completely innovating the process to getting new high ticket jobs


We are Plumbing Prospects Now –

An award winning media agency that specializes in Marketing just for Plumbing Businesses.

Jim realized that he loved plumbing after scaling a shop from $300,000 to 2 million in 12 months.

After seeing what was out there to get more plumbing jobs it didn’t take long before he realized that there was a need in the market to help shop owners high-quality jobs.

After installing these 3 pillars at a shop in NYC & successfully scaled in 2018, he quit his job & had a passion for helping other shop owners.

After working with different kinds of local service-based businesses he realized that this system was possible to bring to any shop with the right mindset & determination.

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Our program is meticuously designed for your business. We assess your needs and make the proper recommendation based on where you’re at and where you want to go. Say goodbye to third party lead companies that share leads forever.

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Plumbing Prospects Now

How To Get Your Schedule Jam-Packed with Qualified HomeOwners in 6 Weeks or less.